Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Get Started – Your Streamlined Journey To Building Your Dream Home! 

Step 1

An initial meeting is scheduled with us, where we will discuss your overall desires, budget and vision for your home. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about you, your family and your lifestyle – which gives us extra insight on how we can design a home that you will love!

Prior to starting any design, we will want to know whether construction on the site is viable. Carrying out an extensive site analysis [or context analysis] will assess whether development is financially feasible, and establish parameters to implement the best design that responds to the physical and environmental features of the site.

A contextual analysis is a research activity that looks at the existing conditions of a project site, along with any imminent or potential future conditions. The purpose is to inform us about a site prior to the start of our design process so that our initial design thinking about a site can incorporate considered responses to the external conditions.

An architectural and Engineers site analysis will look at issues such as site location, size, topography, zoning, traffic conditions and climate. The analysis also needs to consider any future developments, or changes to the sites surroundings, such as a change of roads designations, changing cultural patterns, or other significant building developments within the area.

Understanding the context of a site is key to enabling the designer to weave the new design in with the existing fabric of the site. It allows us to understand the existing opportunities, or problems in a site, and make informed decisions 

Step 2

Pay 60% of cost of design plans is paid on account then We hit the “drawing board”! An initial concept and drawing is completed. We meet for an overview of the project.

Step 3

Your revisions and requests – After the initial concept overview, we use your requests, revisions and suggestions to further customize your home design to fit your family! At this stage, a digital rendering and floorplan will be sent to you. You can review and make notes/edits directly on your own floorplan!

Step 4
After you approve of your customized floorplan, we develop the working plan for district approvals. At this stage you pay us the balance of 40%.

Step 5


Contract is signed & construction begins! we will sign a contract and begin the exciting process of constructing your new home! We take care of all the necessary permits and “red tape”, so that you can focus on the fun stuff!

Step 6

Personalized selections and details. From countertops to electrical outlets, you can select and oversee any aspect or detail that you wish. You are always welcome at the construction site!

Step 7

Project completion & move in! We pride ourselves on a painless transition at the completion of construction! All that is left to do is enjoy your new home! Well…and move a few boxes…

“Thank you for your time, sacrifices, phone calls, hard work, dedication, and support! We are beyond happy with how everything turned out!” 

Decor Design Constructors – Custom Home Builder in East Africa. Head office Kampala Uganda.

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